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Dec. 13th, 2013 09:31 pm
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I have been wanting to blog about Petra for a few weeks now, but have not had the chance. Looks like we're potentially going to be busy for the next few months, so I'm gonna post here now as I don't want to forget all the amazing things we saw.

Petra, like Machu Picchu, is a place we have always wanted to see. This trip was extra special because it was our first adventure hols since the accident. We got our old lives back, just for a week. (Paid for it big-time afterwards with megafatigue, but it was worth it.) Petra really is the most amazing place to visit. The images you usually see are that of The Treasury (the one in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and you know that you walk through the Siq, a dramatic canyon, to get there, but what you don't realise is that the site goes on for miles and miles. We had two full days to explore. We needed them. The first morning was guided, the rest of the time we spent exploring the place for ourselves. Not many people are visiting Jordan at the moment - when we told friends we were going there, we were surprised at how many people were shocked at us visiting the Middle East. When we first arrived our tour guide thanked us for visiting.Sure, there are problems in many of its neighbours, but Jordan is perfectly safe and the people are friendly and helpful. (In fact, the only unsafe bit about Jordan was trying to cross the road in Amman, which we were hopeless at. We remembered our green cross code and politely waited for a gap in the traffic. For 10 whole minutes. Eventually a taxi driver felt sorry for us and marched into the road to stop the cars, then beckoned us across.)  But because not many people are visiting Jordan, there are fewer people visiting its main tourist attraction, so there weren't hordes of tourists in Petra. Which was marvellous for us.
Plenty of Petra )



After a full day's exploring we were pretty tired and there's not a lot to do at Wadi Musa. But we did manage a cookery course at the Petra Kitchen on one of the evenings. One of the chefs was the uncle of the guide who showed us around Petra. We learned to make Jordanian food and then eat it - a fine way to spend an evening. We made Shourbat Adas (lentil soup), Baba Ganoush, Fatoush, Tabbouleh, Tahina salad, Galayet Bandora, Araies Iahma (Bedouin pizza - pittas stuffed with minced meat and covered with Galayet Bandora) as a mezza. The main course was Maqluba, an upside-down hotpot which was scrummy.

More photos of the whole Jordan trip can be seen here.


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